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Callaway working with Boeing and after much analysis concluded that as the head rotates through the swing it was the transition from the face into the crown that was crucial and this has been made softer in the Rogue which claims to improve clubhead speed by 2%.
Regularly going further than I would have expected as the loft combined with the lower spin gave more carry with a good level of forgiveness. Mid-handicap Ping loyalists for whom money is not an object should head straight for the G700 irons.
The putter face has a milled aluminum insert they call “Pure Roll” to help get the ball rolling forward quickly (avoiding speed unpredictability of a bit of backspin or bite in the green). Pure Roll is simply a set of grooves engineered to a specific angle and width to optimize the topspin put on the ball at impact.

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I am proud to report my hole in one at Vila Sol GC. Playing against the Palmares team during an interleague match I used my Callaway X2  6 iron on the 13th hole.  And yes we did win our match. Tom van der Ham together with are pleased to have renewed their contract for 2019 with the Pestana group in Portugal. For great deals on accommodation and golf

The Bridgestone Tour B X gives you great accuracy, trajectory control, and distance.  It doesn’t overspin on the driver and long irons and may add a few yards to your long game.  Around the greens, it will provide some bite due to its layers and urethane cover.  But don’t expect it to zip back five feet because it’s not designed to do that.  
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